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It is now more than a year since Judy Frankel left this world, but her star continues to shine in our skies. Her singing moves me as much as the day I first heard it; her life inspires me.

In our society the pursuit of fame is everything. Too many people see 'being famous' as a career choice, and sadly the path to fame seems wholly irrelevant. The result is brittle and gaudy and soon forgotten. By contrast, Judy Frankel followed her bliss, to borrow Joseph Campbell's phrase1, and the result is an enduring legacy that will entrance and inform generations as yet unborn.

Her commitment was total: she gave fifty-two concerts a year2. Even in late 2007, when her life was nearing its end, she was still performing3, still helping to carry the torch, as she modestly put it4.

Her courage was a bright banner inscribed with her own words from some twenty years earlier: I don't have time to be sick. There are bigger-than-life things to work on that just carry you away 5.

Thank you, Judy.

4 April 2009 / 10 Nissan 5769


1Campbell, Joseph with Moyers, Bill. The Power of Myth. Ed. Betty Sue Flowers. Broadway Books, New York, 1989. 148

2Where have all Sephardim Gone?, September 1999 (paragraph 20)

3On 16th December 2007 Judy gave a two hour concert at Congregation Beth David in San Luis Obispo, CA

4Where have all Sephardim Gone?, September 1999 (paragraph 21)

5J. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California

La vida es un pasaje
Por ganar aventaje.
La Muerte es un viaje
Al mundo de la verdad

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